Possibilities Regarding Custom Templates for Churches, Evangelist’s or Businesses

Back Panel Imprinting Options

1. There are Two Sizes of the Tracts that we offer.
a. 3 1⁄2 x 6 inches High, & 2 3⁄4 x 4 1⁄2 inches High, Mini Tract

2. Naturally the 3 1⁄2 x 6 has more area to customize. The area being for most of these size tracts is 3 3/8 High
by 3 inches Wide. Some of these may have a little less room but that’s where we will make the Font a smaller size.

3. The Options for the 3 1⁄2 x 6 Regular Size Tract
a. We can imprint somewhere between 13- 15 lines all depending on the Graphics needed.
b. You may choose Black/ White or Full Color Imprint
c. You may want your Logo, Pastors Picture on top left or right, or you may want a Map below. This all takes time in designing. Please call on our file specs.
d. You may want symbols like Facebook at the bottom.
e. We can do the above and put the picture of the Inside of your Church in the background. We can also put your picture of the front of your Church below at the bottom, top or in the background. However, when you do this you may not have room enough for the map. Only one out of every ten insert a map.

4. Below is what most Churches put without the extras
a. Church Name
b. Address
c. City, State, Zip
d. Church Phone & Pastor’s Cell Phone
e. Sunday School Time
f. Sunday Morning Preaching or Worship Time
g. Sunday Evening Preaching or Service Time
h. Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer 7:00 P.M.
i. Youth or Kids Services such as Awana’s, Kings Kids, Patch the Pirate Clubs or Teens for Christ and their respective times
j. Email and or their Website

5. Churches will add in series of three their Ministries which could be multiples such as:
Bus Ministry, Soul Winning, Bible Institute
Radio Broadcast, Nursery & Transportation Available
Christian School K-12, Bible College or one of many more

6. Churches will sometimes add a theme or motto of their Church at the bottom

7. Churches may substitute and put the icons of Facebook and their Radio Broadcast at the bottom in full color.

8. Churches may also input these labels under the Churches Name above
Independent, Fundamental, Soul Winning or many other descriptions like KJV

9. The large Patriotic tract has capability of 2 Panels or 1 to imprint on.

10. The Smaller Mini Tracts have naturally much less being mostly eleven lines to use. We have designed the picture of the church in the background on these smaller tracts which looks rather nice. We can always send samples that we have done.

11. All of these options and more must one take in consideration when wanting a clear simplistic, sharp but attractive personalization. Sometimes it all depends on the color of the tract, especially the back panel whether a full color imprint or color icons would match and be complimentary of the Tract and represent the Church and its image.