This is a very simple 2 Panel Soul Winning/Witnessing Tract laid out with an application on each point that follows up with a dynamic and yet doctrinal Sinners Prayer to lead the lost person to Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation. The Prayer on the back is three fold.

1st. A clarification on what they need to do.
2nd. An Invitation not to pray but to place their faith, trust, belief in the Person and Work of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for their Salvation.
3rd. The Gospel included in the prayer content which is the Power of God unto Salvation.

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This 2 Panel KJV Tract is a Simple 4 Step Soul Winning Plan of Salvation with a review, application and a solid, doctrinal Two step Sinners prayer allowing the Soul Winner to help the lost Sinner to Faith in the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. This Tract looks beautiful with the option of having a full color imprint on the back for churches.

Sizes are 3 ½ x 6

We also have a 5 step version with less verses and more content / explanation available by contacting us.

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There is a First Time Layout Fee for Personalization of $50.00

All Coil Bound Books are the same tract blown up, coil bound and double Laminated for durability. They are used for personal work at the Altar, Soul Winning, Nursing Homes. The larger ones for Sunday School, VBS, Junior Church and Bus Ministry.