In our 25 Years we believe the best way to care for the Nylon Robes is first to Hang up your robe after a baptism to dry before moving. Many churches will throw the robes in a bag and leave them there for a few days before transitioning to someone’s home to wash. This over time tends to lead to mildew which is not warranted under most manufacturers.

Second these Nylon Robes need to be Machine Wash Warm with Tumble Dry Air. All Nylons are chemically coated to be waterproof, therefore do not use Hot Water which will destroy the robe and fade much during time. A hot dryer will melt the coating.

The Poly/Cotton Robes must always be hung up before and after the baptism. Allow to dry after the baptism then transfer and likewise Machine Wash Tumble Dry. With servicing & supplying over 23,000 Churches we have ample experience in caring for Robes.

A major detriment / deterrent in preserving ones Robes would be to not know and understand the lead, Iron and sulfur content in one’s area and especially in theChurches water on the premises. You may need to see your Culligan Man Specialist to enhance the purity of your water in the Baptistry.