How to Measure for Culottes & Skirts for Ladies and Girls

Place the tape measure around your bellybutton area for the natural waist measurement.

Generally, the hip is about 7” below your natural waistline, so measure the hip next. (It should be something like 40 or maybe 40 and a half that we need to know also, as you would round up to the next full number 41). Please be truthful in your measuring, as no one is thrilled with their hip numbers.

On the length, standing up straight you measure from the natural waistline down 2” below the bottom of the knee cap. This helps keep the knees covered when you sit down.

Pattern sizes and store sizes are not the same. Our culottes and skirts are made by our charts, so please don’t guess. This will cost you more in the long run, with returns and wrong sizes. It is best to do it right the first time, saving you money.

After you have all three numbers on paper, you then order your
garment by HIP size. Which thrills no one, but if you can’t get it over
your hips you can’t wear it.

Thanks Deborah V. P.

How to Measure for Jumpers for Ladies & Girls

On a jumper the length is taken from the bone in your neck to the finished hemline, so someone will need to assist you to measure this if you are measuring alone, as it is done on the back side of your body.

Ladies Jumpers are done basically the same as girls, except we need the bust and the band size. Be sure to measure waist & hips also.

To get the Bust size measure the fullest part of the bust.

To get the band size measure under the armpit across the top of the bust (this number will be close to the same size as your bra size would be)

If you, are not sure what size to order give us a call or email, and we will assist
you, as sometimes it is tricky. Generally, the size is by bust/chest size., but not

Deborah V.P.