This is an Explosive, Scripture filled, 5 Panel Salvation Tract. It communicates 4 simple keys that must be understood and applied in order to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and be sure of going to Heaven. This Tract has more Scripture verses than most Salvation Tracts in the world. It is complete and thorough doctrinally covering Sinner-ship, the Sentence or Penalty of Sin, the Solution being the Gospel and what it means to place one’s faith in the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a High Quality, beautiful, Salvation Tract that many use including United States Congressman.


A very thorough 5 panel Salvation tract dealing with the new birth, repentance, hell, Great White Throne, Blood of Christ & Eternal Life. Includes a Salvation Seal.

*When choosing quantity, choices with “P” are those available to be Personalized/Imprinted.

Starting at: $6.00 for 25

*Tract Panel Size: 3½” x 6″

Additional Information

Package Size 25,100
Custom Quantities must be ordered by calling Lighthouse Publications.
They are gang run in multiple orders on the presses one time a year with Commercial Printers.
They can be personalized in full color with a One Time Layout Fee of $75.00. Please Call.

All Coil Bound Books are the same tract blown up, coil bound and double Laminated for durability. They are used for personal work at the Altar, Soul Winning, Nursing Homes.

The larger ones for Sunday School & Vbs, Junior Church and Bus Ministry.